2016 Audi S4 Best Cars Reviews

Disabilityinformer – 2016 Audi S4 Best Cars Reviews For this year, the Germans are prepared 2016 Audi S4 as a continuation of the story of the great and reliable car in high class. This sedan would like to be far stronger sporty A4. In this edition has been updated with some changes but will still not be a real powerful beauty.

The first thing I would mention is a new platform on which is based 2016 Audi S4. This is a new MLB Evo platform. The direction in which still goes Audi is to reduce weight; this is achieved by the use of aluminum and composite materials. It should be recalled that Audi is practically a pioneer in the use of aluminum alloys. The front end of the vehicle is still striking with its LED lights and a chrome front grille. Circles Audi are still present, and in combination with aggressive headlights drivers who see them in the mirror saying one thing, get out of the way. Elongated body is very elegant and aerodynamics is better. Completeness is achieved exterior chrome parts that are shaped moldings and door frames. 2016 Audi S4 is still a sedan with four doors and can accommodate five passengers. The five passengers have at its disposal all to be desired from a modern car. About workmanship and materials should not waste words, only mentioning that not worse than its predecessor. This means only one thing, they are perfect! Or maybe it is a little better. Unlike the A4 feels the interior sportiness. The seats are upholstered in leather and sports. Central console is dominated by a large touch screen. This multi-function display is used for managing many systems of 2016 Audi S4. The sound system is just great and certainly it should be mentioned, and consists of 14 speakers. Of the other devices should also mention Bluetooth and USB connectivity, brilliant and highly accurate navigation system. A large number of airbags worried about security, and the impression is completed by an excellent air-conditioned and sound insulation cabins. The driving position is excellent and the controls are very transparent and easy for the handling. In this fully reflects the spirit of this great German vehicle.

2016 Audi S4 Black

2016 Audi S4 engine

Engines that are already well-known and well-tried so far will be the choice for the new 2016 Audi S4. The first is six-cylinder V6 engine of 3.0 L working volume. This is a direct injection engine and power he has 333 HP and a maximum torque of 325 lb/ft. The second is also well-known 2.0 L four-cylinder engine. This engine is equipped with a turbo charger and the power of his 211 HP. Gearboxes which will be combined automatically and are proverbially good. Probably options will be 6, 7 or 9-speed transmission.
Appearance of this car on the market will wait until next year, probably the first months. Price is not yet known but on balance not hope for an amount less than $ 50,000.

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