2016 Ferrari Testarossa Concept

Disabilityinformer – Ferrari Testarossa, or red head in Italian, designed by Pininfarina, was said to be one of the most iconic Ferrari’s of the 1980’s. But maybe too 80’s. Ferrari looked to have stopped producing the Testarossa in 1991, where Ferrari changed it into the 512TR. Which was still a Testarossa, but with a more 90’s look. The Testarossa looks to have been given up by Ferrari sometime during the mid-nineties..jobs
The Testarossa was a pretty powerful sports car. The engine was said to be a 4.9 litter, V12 with horsepower somewhere in the high 300’s and a top speed around 180 mph. It had a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds. The Testarossa was pretty expensive back in the 80’s, at a price of around $100,000 dollars.

 2016 Ferrari Testarossa Yellow

2016 Ferrari Testarossa Review

So only the wealthy, or racing enthusiast could own one. While there is little, if any information to be found on whether the Ferrari Testarossawon many races, there is a lot of information on how cool it looked. So probably mostly only wealthy people who wanted to look cool, bought one, than did many people who bought them to go racing in. Even still, like most, if not every Ferrari, the Testarossa was made to go fast and drive well. It wasn’t meant to be a show off car. Pininfarina really geared it toward performance, not looks. But the public really liked it! And so the Testarossa became one of the most iconic sports cars of the 80’s. As such, the Testarossa’s legacy continues today at every classic car show in the world, never really being driven, just as a show toy.

In turn Ferrari at least got a lot of good sales from it. Many Testarossa’s still retain their value. Most of them sell for around $60,000 to around $100,000 dollars, depending on their condition. There are still many of them to be found for sale today. They are not hard to find, Ferrari made a lot of Testarossas.
The Testarossa although never known to be a great race car, the name had a great racing legacy. The TR initials stood for Testa Rossa, meaning red cylinder heads. This nickname was used in Ferrari race cars that had the TR, or red cyclinder head engine. The TR engine helped Ferrari win the 1958 Le Mans. So it may have been a little disheartening for Ferrari that the Testarossa wasn’t used in many races, but more of as a show off car. That said Ferrari was likely to have enjoyed the popularity and sales. Ferrari is a car company after all and they need the money to help build their racing engines and cars.

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