2016 Jaguar C-X17 Review

Disabilityinformer – 2016 Jaguar C-X17 Introducing Jaguars new crossover concept. Thought to be coming out sometime in 2016, in Paris. The C-X17 is said to be a 4×4, characteristic of Land Rover. The Jaguar C-X17  was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt auto show in September of 2013. According to carbuyer.com, there is no official word about the C-X17 being put into production, but they think that Jaguar is planning on it. Said to be based in some part off of the XF and XJ, the C-X17 is mostly going to be based off of the Jaguar XE, says carbuyer.com. Jaguar wanted to put all of the amenities seen in their cars in their newest crossover. Jaguar also wanted it to be fuel efficient.

Most of the C-X17’s interior is leather and there also looks to be wood on its doors. Jaguar wants everything to be geared toward the driver. They also want the driver to feel like they are driving a car and not a SUV. The Jaguar C-X17  is going to be offered as a four-wheel drive and be based off of the XE.

Jaguar C-X17  Price

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Specs

There are no specs to be found on the C-X17, but it is supposed to be based on the Jagaur XE, which there are specs to be found. The engine of the XE is said to be an I-4 with a top speed of 155 mph. No word on how fast the C-X17 will be able to go, but probably near that. The XE is a big sedan, so it might even be faster than 155 mph. Either way it looks like the Jaguar C-X17  is going to be one fast Jaguar. That would put it in the ranks of Audi and BMW’s crossover’s. Not the fastest, but still pretty fast. In comparison BMW’s 2015 crossover, the X6, has an estimated top speed of 155 mph.

Although there is no official word on the C-X17’s release, or release date, there looks to be much optimism among the car community. Top Speed shows a rendering and a spy photo of Jaguar testing the C-X17 at the Nurburgring. Top Speed says that they think the C-X17’s release date will be in about a year.

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