2016 Mercedes GLS Design

Trufflesoflove – The BMW X-class has been dominating the SUV segment in current years. Its pride, X6, will lastly get competition, and from an archrival, Mercedes-Benz. First crossover-coupe from the luxury brand corporation is coming as 2016 Mercedes GLS. There are some fashionable lookalikes with M-class, but this carmaker knows tips on how to attain purchasers.
With 2016 Mercedes GLS in creating, we can not be certain 100% which powertrains will probably be installed under its hood. It is likely to become 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8, with massive output of 500 hp. Other possibility is 3.0-liter diesel V6 rated at 255 hp or 329 hp. This is not the finish of the list of engines that could energy new Mercedes GLS class. There is also twin-turbocharged V6 capable to create 362 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque. What ever German carmaker decides to spot in the car, power might be sent to all wheels. It is normal for all versions, with 40/60 distribution in rear torque favor.

2016 Mercedes GLS Design


2016 Mercedes GLS styling

Outdoors of the vehicle, highlights might be on 21- and 22-inch wheel. Tires are wider on rear finish then on front. Suspension is tuned for sport drive and small physique roll, so all drivers can really feel like they are in sport coupe, even gravity center is set fairly high. There are handful of variations of chassis accessible for purchasers. Comfort, Slippery, Sport and Sport plus are default modes of driving. Also, each driver can set its personal preferences.

Also, Security technique will likely be massively upgraded, with several passive functions. Infotainment program is consisted of 8.0-inch central display, Bang & Olufsen audio and entertainment options on back seats. Panoramic sunroof and couple of more stylish details can not miss to any eyes. The 2016 Mercedes GLS is one of the biggest model when we talk about cargo room. There are seats for five passengers, with plenty of head and leg-room.

It is totally unknown when will the 2016 Mercedes GLS be presented. Also, other concerns are about its price. Since this is a new model, and it should remove BMW X6 from the top place, we assume Mercedes GLS could be found cheaper than main competitor. The X6 cost from $58.000.

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