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Disabilityinformer – 2016 Toyota Hilux release date 2016 Best Cars Reviews 2016 Toyota Hilux is the new generation one of the most if not the most essential truck in history. This is a new generation of truck that Toyota plans to launch and certainly one of the classic of the global automotive industry. On the market there are many competitors and it will be a tough fight but the Japanese are hoping for the best, and that is a good market position and great sales. For a new generation is prepared a complete redesign, a story goes about a new engines.

Drive units that will be installed in the new Hilux will probably be one diesel and petrol variant. Diesel engine that could be an option for this truck is Cummins of the 2.0 L working volume. With this engine should be installed six speed automatic transmission. Another option is a 3.5 L gasoline engine with six cylinders in V arrangement. Volume of this engine is a 3.5 L and an output of 270 HP. This is mentioned and gasoline of 2.7 L four-cylinder. Gearboxes that could be paired with these engines in 2016 Toyota Hilux  are six-speed automatic, but in some options five speed manual gearbox. Excellent clearance and high center of gravity vehicles give to it also a great deal of autonomy in terms of roads by which moves. Or not only roads but also off-road conditions.

2016 Toyota Hilux Blue

2016 Toyota Hilux redesign

The outside of this SUV truck moves in the direction of a more robust and aggressive look. The headlights and front grille have grown. Now the LED headlights and give the impression to 2016 Toyota Hilux of a stronger and meaner vehicles. The dimensions are larger than their predecessors, which are reflected in a larger space in the cabin. Luggage space is increased. The rear doors are also noticeable changes to lighting groups and also in LED version. The interior is also improved in the direction of greater comfort and better ambience for travelers. Space is more than up to now and it especially for travelers on the back seats. Character of the vehicle is at the beginning of its existence was no longer such a transport but is now changed in the direction of passengers. Excellent sound system, air conditioning and electronic systems are at the highest possible level and to make this car has long since not only the truck has already become a real status symbol.2016 Toyota Hilux release date and price
The starting price for a minimum level of equipment could be around $ 20,000, but it can grow much more than in embedded content and quality of materials. Release date will be in late 2015.

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